Citizens´ emergency platforms

We present a series of platforms citizens around the issue made ​​reorganization of communities affected by natural disasters. How will Finale Emilia be able to manage the emergency situation? How to tackle new problems, new needs, arose with earthquake?  How many and what resources are provisions for the recovery of the country? How will they be handled?  What are the priorities, hierarchies for intervention? According to which reason for action?  How all this information will be disseminated? Through which channels and schedule?

 Collect finale, Prototype development of a public service to manage emergency situation.

 To encourage stakeholders (such as public institutions, private citiziens, artisans, sellers, farmers) and all agents involved in the management of emergency situation, to give a clearer answer to these questions and spread the answers as quickly as possible:

Collect_finale: an open and ever-changing platform to attract requests and knowledges from stakeholders and agents involved in a state of emergency and to increase communication between institutions and citizens. The goal is to enable public local authorities to dial with emergency situations and facilitate the dissemination of information (OpenData), using, as main tools, graphics visualizations and the web.

Collect_: HARD DRIVE of the platform. For its meaning, is the best word to summarize the principle of the prototype, allowing even non-experts to immediately get the message: to collect public data.

Finale: CASE STUDY. It ‘s the laboratory where to test the prototype and develop a first aid essential kit tool in case of emergency. It will become an opensource software that could be apply in other context and for other types of emergencies.

Further  information Collect_finale_EN

Another proposal is the  L’emilia that functions as a collection of information on submissions to provide assistance in the form of time, space, etc.. This information is sent to the council makes a huge help during the first months of a natural disaster.

Finally the web site Facciamo DO IT NOW!!!
Are you a business and want to sell your products?
Want to be in solidarity with the companies affected by the earthquake?
Want to report to your contacts opportunities on the portal?