Wonderland, platform for european architecture has awarded VIC. Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas to activate urban voids on Mannheim. The proposal Wonderheim has became first prize to develop a workshop with local citizen initiatives to co-work for the transfers of social innovation to public space. The idea is to exchange of experiences and different points of view from different European countries concerning similar urban situations, social structures and political conditions, will be the base for discussions and a series of events in 2012.

Wonderheim is a project that aims to reconsider and work on urban space as shared space for citizens in the city of Mannheim. It aims to serve as an incentive for the transfer of social innovation processes, generated by practices related to citizen initiatives, to the public space. The work process will be applied to possibilities for carrying out these initiatives along a specific study case. The goal is to foster consultation and participation processes that listen to and assist physician forms of organization and self organization, highlighting knowledge produc­tion and community experience in decision-making processes that configure the public sphere.

During October 2012 a workshop will be held with the winning teams to further develop strategies and propositions to activate urban voids in Amsterdam and Mannheim.A detailed program will soon be published.