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Share to improve the commons. Bikes in New York

A map of New York that shows only the important parts, the bountiful bike paths, lanes, and routes that crisscross the great city. Also the New York city bike share. The most completly information about urban transport and citizen in New york city Dot by Openplans, and the spatial analysis for an exploration of techniques. Finally, a city than has a very sense of public space and the means for the commons. Thanks to Steven Romalewski for sharing.

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Public chair

Used chairs are taken from the trash and are being transformed into public property by spraying the words “public chair” on them. That way they get a new and recycled function. The citizens of the cities are being animated to reconquer the streets and sidewalks.
public chairs” are offering a spot of calmness as well as a spot of communication. They belong to every one, are public property. Next station: Santiago de Compostela